Fat Burners

Fat burners are supplements that are designed to assist you in achieving greater fat loss within less time when used alongside a calorie controlled diet. The typical make-up of fat burners tend to consist of herbal ingredients and stimulants which are likely to suppress your appetite, help metabolise fat stores, increase focus, energy and increase your metabolism. It is worth noting that the ‘fat-burner’ terms is used loosely as no supplement is available to specifically burn/target fat itself. Only the body can burn fat as its fuel source via metabolic processes. However, fat burner supplements still have their place in our diets as they can enhance the rate of which fat loss takes place by helping the pathways that lead to fat being burnt as fuel more efficient..

There are numerous ingredients available to be used within fat burner supplements as they have been shown to help speed up fat loss in some way, but due to the amount of researched ingredients, there are only a few that are often used. This will be evident if you look through each of the supplements as you’ll see common ingredients throughout. The ingredients are usually:

•    Caffeine
•    Bitter orange peel / citrus aurantium
•    Carnitine
•    Green tea extract

All of the above ingredients have been shown to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) and enhance metabolic pathways.
Even when taking a supplement from this fat burner range, you must follow a calorie controlled diet, so that you are consuming less calories than your resting caloric intake – i.e. you want to be in a calorie deficit. By combining this with a fat burner that’ll help raise your core body temperature – a process called thermogenesis which can result in an increased metabolic rate.

Fat burners can vary in strength and intensity of effects depending on the ingredients and how they are formulated. A big differentiator in the choice of fat burners is whether or not they contain stimulants, so this is something worth considering depending on how your tolerance is. Nonetheless, combine your calorie controlled diet with a fat burning supplement and you’ll achieve your fat loss goals quicker.

One of our most popular fat burners is a t3 supplement from Absolute Nutrition.