USN Anabolic Nitro X

USN Anabolic Nitro X 615g: For the USN fans out there, this is what you've been waiting for. USN's answer to a pre-workout supplement. This will provide an intense amount of energy and will give massive muscle pumps.

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Product Description

Anabolic Nitro X from USN uses scientific technology that bring about superior advancements in nitric oxide (NO) production, recovery rate, searing energy and in turn the ability for improved muscle gains. USN Anabolic Nitro X consists of four purposely built stacks, that have been shown to work synergistically in the muscle building process.

The complex for NO production contains a trademarked formula called ViNitrox, which is an extract that in dense in active polyphenols from the likes of grapes and apples, and these polyphenols have been proven to help with NO production stimulation by vascular endothelium in the body, which in turn results in vasodilation – widening of blood vessels. The ViNitrox complex is also an effective anti oxidant which helps protect against the oxidative stress generated by repetition in physical exercise.

Pycnogenol (patented formula) is also another potent anti oxidant which is a natural extract from plant and originates from bark of French maritime pine trees. Additionally, this extract stimulates the enzymes endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) which increases production of NO from the molecule l-arginine. This has been scientifically shown to increase vasodilation, resulting in increased blood microcirculation. A further benefit is that in clinical trials it was shown to reduce the healing times required of damaged tissue, reduce pain and cramping in training.

CFMNitro is another trademarked and patent pending formula of a 100 per cent natural whey derived micro fraction. This formula has added peptides and proteins to help increase NO production which is thought to increase sustained energy levels, vigorous recovery and muscle pump.

Potential Core Benefits of USN’s Anabolic Nitro X:

  • Enhances NO production
  • Provides explosive energy for workouts
  • Helps improve muscle recovery in-between sets
  • Adjunct to muscle tissue gains
  • Additional creatine increases physical performance during high intensity exercise

USN Anabolic Nitro X is a perfect combination with USN Pure Protein IGF-1, USN HMB or USN BCAA for muscle gaining. And specifically for strength: USN HMB.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Brand USN
Category Pre-Workouts
Form Powder
Nutritional Information
Serving Size: (20.5 g) Per 100 g
Per 20.5 g serving
*% of RDA
Energy 804 kj
191 kcal
165 kj
39 kcal
15.6 g
3.2 g
6.0 %
of which are sugars
51.2 g
6.8 g
10.5 g
1.4 g
0.0 g
0.0 g
0.5 g
0.1 g
Sodium (Na)
0.668 g
0.137 g
Potassium (K)
2.531 g
0.519 g
26 %
Calcium (Ca)
1.132 g
0.232 g
29 %
Magnesium (Mg) 0.224 g
0.046 g
12 %
Phosphorus (P)
1.604 g
0.329 g
47 %
0.122 g 0.025 g 156 %
VitaminB6 0.019 g 0.0039 g 278 %
117 mcg
24 mcg
960 %
Folic Acid
1951 mcg
400 mcg
200 %
Nitric Oxide Production Complex

2.916 g

Volumising Creatine Stack
Of which total Creatine

3.450 g
2.500 g

Energy boosting Complex

9.416 g

Phospho Electrolytes

2.522 g

Customer Reviews (1)
First pre-workout supplement I have used. Currently using muscle fuel anabolic and anabolic nitro x which makes workouts epic, I've honestly never felt like I've had so much energy especially when at the gym. Seeing so good gains with this combo, highly recommend! Review by Adam (Posted on 27/03/2013)
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