Cutting Plan - An 8 Week Guide

Our Cutting Plan: The safe and easy way to cut that fat and tone that muscle

Cutting and toning your body is completely different from building up your muscle mass. Many people have a misconception that if they do the same routines that everyone else does that they will not only get slim and trim, but those they will have the toned muscles in the process. The idealistic thought that somehow fat will morph into muscle is just not true. The fat has to be stripped away and the underlining muscle has to be cut. This 8 week plan is not intended to build muscle but to tone existing muscles as well as cut fat.

Let’s get started:

Cutting Plan - Day 1 and 5:

Day one will focus on getting rid of any excess fat that you have around your core. You will do the first 3 exercises in a set. Repeat the set 5 times for your workout. Total time should be 15 minutes for day one.

Exercise 1: Planking. In this exercise you will rest you will do a standard push up. From the up position, lower your forearms so that they rest on the floor. Slightly bend your torso so that your body has pressure on your core. Try to hold this position for a minute.

Exercise 2: Leg cross overs. Once you have completed your planks, resume the full push up position (get the forearm off of the floor). From here take your left leg and move it so that your knee is crossing over to the right shoulder. Go back to the starting position. Move your right leg so that it crosses your body to the left shoulder. Go back to the starting position. Repeat. Keep the movement fluid as you perform this exercise for a full minute.

Exercise 3 This exercise will require that you have a light set of dumbbells (no more than 10-25 pounds should do). In this exercise we are going to focus on the whole body. Here are the steps:

  1. Start in the pushup position. From here bring both feet forward so that you are in a kneeling position.
  2. Grab the dumbbells and stand straight up
  3. Raise both arms so that the dumbbells are over your head and touching each other.
  4. Lower your arms so that your body forms a Y (Each arm should be at 90 degrees with your shoulders)
  5. Lower your arms to your sides
  6. Go back to the kneeling position and place the dumbbells on the ground
  7. Shoot your legs back so that you are in the push up position. Do one push up.
  8. Repeat Steps

For exercise 3 you want to keep a steady movement. I like to count while I do this exercise so that each step is done in a rhythm. Perform this exercise for a full minute each repetition should not take more than 10 seconds.

Cutting Plan - Day 2: Running and jump rope

Today we are going to again focus on your core, but we are also focusing on your legs and your cardio.

First, let us get your blood flowing by jumping rope. Keep the movement consistent and perform 1 minute repetitions. You will need to do 5 total repetitions resting for only a short time in-between each. I would recommend that you do rep one and rest for 40 seconds, rep 2 and rest for 30, rep 3 and rest for 20 seconds, rep 4 and rest for 10, and then complete rep 5. Once you have your blood flowing you are ready to go for your run.

Ensure that you stretch before you go for your run. Start out with a jog and slowly increase your running speed. When you feel like you are going to run out of breath, slow down to a job. Try to avoid walking during this time, saving it for your cool down time only. Your run should last a minimum of 30 minutes.

Running will tone the legs, core, and back. If you want to work on your arms during this time, consider using a small weight (of 5 pounds to 10 pounds, remembering that you will have to carry it the whole time) and do arm curls as you jog.

After your 30 minute run, make sure that you do a cool down by walking for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink plenty of water, but do not guzzle down your water as this could make you sick or pass out.

Cutting Plan - Day 3: REST

Cutting Plan - Day 4:

Today you will be using your weights. We are keeping the weight light. Remember, heavy weight bulks your muscles; light weight tones your muscles.

Exercise 1: Flat bench press. This exercise will work on cutting your arms and chest. Keep the weight at about 50% of what your max weight is. You want to do sets which have a lot of repetitions in them. Generally, a set of 15 reps is great for cutting.

Exercise 2: Arnold Presses. You will need to use a light dumbbell to perform this task. The Arnold Press is very similar to the dumbbell press but you rotate your arms. Start with your palms facing towards you. As you lift rotate your arms so that you finish with your palms facing away from you.

Exercise 3: Leg Curls. Do 5 sets with 15 repetitions each using light weight.

When toning and cutting it is ok to focus on more than one body group when using weight. Bodybuilding and muscle bulking you would NOT want to focus on more than one group. However, because of the light weight, you can do so here.

Cutting Diet Cutting Diet

Cutting Plan - Other considerations:

While undertaking this 8 week cutting plan, you need to ensure that you are getting ample sleep, eating properly, using supplements if needed and are reducing stress as much as possible. In the first week or so you may not see the results you want. Keep in mind that the fat did not accumulate overnight, neither will it disappear overnight. However, if you stick with the plan and are dedicated, I am sure that you will see great results by week eight.

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