About Us

Our Story

A massive thank you for choosing Supplements2u for your supplements. We are extremely grateful for your custom and hope that you are more than satisfied with your shopping experience with us on our website.

Supplements2u was first launched in December 2010 with a small number of products and a powerful ecommerce platform. Throughout the years we have continued to expand our product offering, provide trustworthy advice and product knowledge through our articles such as our Ultimate Guide to Losing Body Fat and Bulking Plan - An 8 Week Guide and so on.

Supplements2u are based in the county of Fife in Scotland (east coast, just north of Edinburgh), over the Forth Road Bridge or the newly built Queensferry Crossing. We owe our continued success to all of our lovely customers, many of who have been with us for many years. One of our key differentiators to our competitors is that we pride ourselves on customer service is many ways – we truly believe that providing exceptional customer service is more than just sending your order out asap, it is about a relationship, therefore we do our best to learn how to better server your needs, and you know who you are actually talking to. We are one of the few independently family owned and operated supplement companies that aren’t part of a big corporate. From this, we don’t set sales targets, instead we aim to continually please our customers, bring value and are in the industry because we actually like what we do – it is a passion not just a business! We also love getting to know you, our customer, and in case you wanted to know a little bit more about us, we thought it would be good to set out our core Values and Customer Promises.

Our Values

Businesses are ran by people and good people make good businesses. Good people are guided by their principles which carry through to their work life. Ethics dictate what you do and what you won’t do, targets that you strive for and values that you hold. At Supplements2u, our values are as follows:

1)      You are buying from people, not a faceless company.

When you call us and speak to one of our team members, they will give their name and will help you select the best option based on your needs. You can always speak with the same person each time you call too (unless they are on holidayJ). We are a family business, it’s in our best interest to provide the best possible service. We also employ good people that share out family values therefore we are comfortable knowing that they will help our customers get the very best from the supplements they have chosen and the best from us too. Start shopping with us and you will see that we do care about our customers and strive to do everything we can. We’ve been around for many years and will be for many more to come.

2)      We know the benefits of using supplements and we want you to also benefit from them!

Supplements are an ideal way to help you hit the exact macro nutrient targets day in day out. Although we always recommend food before supplements, however, sometimes it can be too difficult, time consuming or simply just not convenient to make 4, 5,6 meals a day. Furthermore, supplements can provide that extra edge for your workout, give you that much needed energy boost, help you shift that stubborn fat… Also, selecting a new pre-workout, intra-workout or fat burner every other month is fun. We also love when there is a new supplement or brand that comes to the market, we get to try and then also offer to our lovely customers. Using supplements as part of a fitness lifestyle is beneficial and also fun.

3)      Here for life, not just a one off order.

Unfortunately there are too many companies out there that will sell at an unsustainable price, take your money and be gone. Try getting them on the phone or to respond to emails in a timely manner, or even get back to you on social media. Our business has been built upon providing the very best in customer service. We believe this has contribute massively towards our success and it is something that we will continue to do. By offering you the very best service we are confident that you will be happy with your shopping experience with us.

4)      We love getting to know our customers.

Got a suggestion? Feedback? We’d love to hear any comments. We are a late adopter of social media platforms but we are speedily changing this. Our Facebook page is full of activity, with our customer base growing on this platform. Twitter has been in use for some time and Instagram is one of our strong points in the social media arsenal. Let’s not forget Google + too, albeit not that popular in the UK. We check all these social media profiles on a daily basis to see what you guys are saying. Anything you want to tell us, just let us know, we love everything fitness, health, training, nutrition and life…drop us a line :)


Our Promises

Buying from an online retailer is relatively easy these days and as such it is easy to put faith in that company to send exactly what you ordered within the stated delivery time. We aren’t your average online retailer. Supplements2u are one of the few family run supplement suppliers that sell a huge range of the best value protein powder, pre-workouts and vitamins in the UK. You’ll find a constantly expanding range all here at our easy to navigate website. All products dispatched and delivered promptly and let’s not forget our top notch customer service!


What we promise:

1)      A trustworthy slick well-oiled ordering process.

We’ve spent a lot of time and money developing and upgrading our website. It quite honestly is a never ending process, but the techie’s in our team love it. We do strive to provide an easy and straightforward ordering experience. We provide multiple ways to pay, delivery options, order history, advice and articles throughout. If you’ve notice and error or have a suggestion of how something could be improved, do contact us.

2)      Speedy and reliable supplement deliveries

We know that our courier choices are viral to an excellent shopping experience, that is why we have changed couriers twice over the, almost decade now. A big part of what we do is to monitor all deliveries to ensure there are no issues. However, the odd issue can occur and as such we are on it doing what we can to resolve it straight away. If you’ve ever had a problem you’ll know how efficient we are with getting everything back on track. We genuinely pride ourselves on providing fantastic customer service.

3)      Provide the best value supplements in the UK

We promise to provide a great shopping experience and provide the best overall value of any supplement retailer in the UK. As such, we may not be the cheapest from time to time, but we will never be beaten on providing the utmost excellence in service. We don’t want to offer the cheapest supplements with a cheap delivery services that take five days to deliver, instead we like getting our orders to our customers as quickly as possible and in perfect condition. Another small thing, but nonetheless relevant – that is that we will never use a 0845 number that charges you, the customer, money, especially when calling from a mobile! Supplements2u is proud to be providing a superior service in all aspects from the products we offer, to the shipping, to the advice and the overall service.


At Supplements2u, we promise to:

  • Always use a fast and reliable courier delivery service
  • Always have a local rate number
  • Always have superior customer service, phone, email, message us.

We definitely know that price is an important factor and whilst we’ll never sacrifice quality and or service, we will continually strive to offer the best overall value on your supplements orders with us.

4)      We care about  you, the customer

We only exist because of our lovely customers! We care about you

The customer is always right

Is a phrase that you may have heard and we value this so much, because if there is an issue we will do everything we can to resolve it and retain you as a loyal customer.

Got an idea, suggestion or feedback – get in touch via:

Online Live Chat (or leave a message)